Retrieve Guild Items From Peak's Bite Ruins

Quest Metadata:
Level: 2
Players: 5

This is a Red Level Quest
The guild has finally reached a point of stability that allows us to take care of some internal affairs. One of importance is retrieving some guild items that we have reason to believe are buried in the ruins of Peak’s Bite left by Araquanerath. Here are the list of items and their reward values if you can find them:

  • Greg’s Accounting Books – (25 gp)
  • Guild Signet Ring – (50 gp)
  • Any Guild Management Notes left by Greg (5 gp / page)
  • The Lucky Cast Iron Pan (35 gp)
  • Guild recipe for Starfall Berry cupcakes (30 gp)

These will most likely be scattered around the ruined guild hall. It is possible some of these items are found in the guild vault. Be careful, as there were some very powerful magic items in the vault, which may have had some effect on the area after The Sundering.

5 Potions of Healing

Depends on items retrieved as noted above.

Retrieve Guild Items From Peak's Bite Ruins

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