Protect Trade Caravan to Ganlan City

Quest Metadata:
Level: 2
Players: 6+

This is a Red Level Quest
Bandits have been robbing and harassing trade routes between Waterdeep and Ganlan. Normally, we would simply provide a basic military escort, however the threats orc and goblin tribes has us stretched thin. We are sending out a trade caravan soon and are seeking a rather sizeable force of adventurers to protect the caravan on its way.

As is standard practice, we will provide an upfront basic equipment package: 3 week’s rations and a potion of healing for each person.

100 gold pieces per person.
Additionally, a portion of this caravan are supplies for a prominent smith in Ganlan who is rumored to have recently obtained a supply of mithril. He is likely to be grateful and may offer services more cheaply to any who assist with the escort.

Protect Trade Caravan to Ganlan City

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