Collect Mistvale Moss

Quest Metadata:
Level: 2
Players: 5

This is a Yellow Level Quest
The Wizard’s Guild of Waterdeep is continuing ongoing research into the new mechanics of using magic. Towards this effort, the Wizard’s Guild has partnered with Dragon’s Horn to collect moss from the trees deep in the Mistvale Forest, which has some inherent magic that we believe will help us in our research. We will provide a small satchel that will need to be filled with the moss.

It is worth noting that various group of elves live in the region. While most are amiable, there is a small group of fanatics that view the moss as sacred due to its properties. Obviously, this is poppycock as the moss holds no properties of divine magic. You may want to use caution and stealth to avoid conflict with these elves.


125 gold pieces. Should the research bear any fruits, some helpful magics will also be provided to those that complete this task.

Collect Mistvale Moss

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